Chukchi study


Chukchi Sea 1Summary

The six volume report provides quantitative biostratigraphic data on all five wells drilled in the Chukchi Sea:

Burger #1 (OCS-Y-1413)

Crackerjack #1 (OCS-Y-1320)

Diamond #1 (OCS-Y-0996)

Klondike #1 (OCS-Y-1482)

Popcorn #1 (OCS-Y-1275)

Individual volumes for each of the five wells integrate the foraminiferal and palynological biostratigraphy with the lithostratigraphy based on logs.

Synthesis volume 6 of the study includes detailed correlations of the entire Chukchi sections with those in selected offshore northern Alaskan wells Aurora 01 (OCS-0943), Fireweed #1, and Mukluk #1 (OCS-Y-0334), and Canadian Beaufort wells Natiak O-44, Natsek E-56, and Uviluk P-66.

The Cenozoic section in Crackerjack and Popcorn contains the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM, aka EETM) and Azolla intervals, representing their most westerly known occurrences. The log profiles and biostratigraphy of these events are illustrated by correlations between the two Chukchi wells and offshore northern Alaskan wells Northwest Milne Point 1, Sandpiper 1, Northstar 1, Seal Island 2, Beaufort Bock 54, No Name Island 1 and Jeanette Island 1.

The study was updated in January 2014 to provide new data on the age of Cretaceous strata and stratigraphic breaks in the Chukchi region, based on the biostratigraphic analysis of 252 additional samples from the Crackerjack and Popcorn wells.

Contact Dr Jonathan Bujak for details of the report and availability:

Report contents

  1. Volumes 1-5 for the five Chukchi wells in Acrobat 7.0 (pdf) format, and as Word and Excel files.
  2. Excel files of the following species occurrence charts for each well in volumes 1-5:
  3. Stratabugs palynological charts and windows metafiles.
  4. Volume 6A (synthesis volume text) in Acrobat 7.0 (pdf) format, and as Word and Excel files.
  5. Volume 6B (synthesis volume correlation diagrams) Stratabugs correlations as windows metafiles.
  6. Tables 1 and 2 (zonal tops for five Chukchi wells) as Excel files.
  7. Figures 1-6 as pdf files.
  8. Exported DEX files of Stratabugs data for the five Chukchi wells.

Example correlation (low resolution)

Example correlation through Crackerjack, Klondike and Popcorn from the 2014 update report showing absolute ages assigned to all zones and the duration of stratigraphic breaks.

Chukchi correlationPlease contact Dr Jonathan Bujak for details of the report and availability.

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