Sequence stratigraphy

Bujak Research has worked closely with David Mudge Associates since 1990 on integrated biostratigraphic and sequence / lithostratigraphic studies in the circum North Atlantic and Arctic. This collaboration resulted in the publication of definitive papers, listed below, on the northeast Atlantic basins including the Faroe-Shetland, the North Sea, Porcupine and Rockall basins.

Our detailed studies synthesize and integrate data on:

  • Quantitative biostratigraphy of all relevant microfossils
  • Log interpretations of the sequence and lithostratigraphy
  • Tectonic and volcanic events, including local and regional uplift and subsidence surfaces
  • Palaeobathymetry, depositional facies, palaeotemperature and oceanic chemistry

These multiple data sets are synthesized and integrated in a variety of templates tailored to individual studies, including the example below for the Paleocene section in Faroe-Shetland well 208/17-1.

208 17-1 EoceneConfidential studies

We are also pleased to conduct exclusive, confidential studies for clients and these can be integrated, when required, with our regional studies and clients’ existing databases.

Please contact us for further details.



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