We undertake confidential studies in all aspects of biostratigraphy, which are routinely integrated with sequence and lithostratigraphy. Microfossil groups include diatoms, dinoflagellates, ebridians / silicoflagellates, foraminifera, nannoplankton, pollen and spores.

NEAM Fig 2.35All of our analyses are conducted to the highest standards and routinely include counts of microfossils to at least 200 in situ specimens per sample, plus additional counts of reworked groups of different age and provenance.

Our interpretations also include the latest data and models of palaeoclimate, particularly in the Cenozoic, when the greenhouse to icehouse shift had a major effect on biotic assemblages, particularly in higher latitudes including the Arctic.

The Bujak Research integrated biostratigraphic-climatic scheme for the Arctic Cenozoic is shown below, plus an example summary plot for Canadian Beaufort Mackenzie well Reindeer D-27, showing depths of the PETM and Azolla intervals in the well.

Please contact us for original high-resolution files of these plots.

Arctic Cenozoic zonation


Where appropriate, we work with a highly-selected network of Associates who provide complementary expertise on all microfossil groups, plus other geological disciplines including geochemistry, sedimentology, stratigraphy and seismic interpretation.

Contact Dr Jonathan Bujak for further information on our services.

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