About us

Welcome to our website, which has a wealth of material available for download based on the work of Bujak Research International. This includes 40 years of research by Dr Jonathan Bujak, including more than 80 scientific publications, keynote presentations and lecture tours.

Bujak Research International (BRI)

BRI was founded by Dr Jonathan Bujak in 1984 and rapidly became a premier international biostratigraphic consultancy, specializing in the Americas, the North Pacific-Bering Sea, and the North Atlantic region including eastern Canada and Greenland, plus onshore and offshore northwest Europe. We work closely with governments, geological surveys, academia and industry on a range of scientific projects, and our extensive portfolio includes numerous non-confidential studies that are listed on this website.

BRI is the biostratigraphic expert of choice in the Arctic, providing geological data and palaeontological evidence for the Cenozoic greenhouse to icehouse climatic shift that was triggered by the ‘Arctic Azolla Event’ 50 million years ago. The subsequent oceanographic and tectonic processes that accompanied the shift are fundamental for understanding our present icehouse world and the threat of anthropogenic climate change. BRI provides scientific advice on climate change to governments and policy makers.

We also work closely with the Azolla Foundation and Azolla Biosystems Ltd to develop Azolla’s potential to sequester carbon dioxide and provide local renewable food and biofuel anywhere in the world.

Free downloads

Our website includes a variety of downloadable figures, Powerpoint presentations, publications and free reports. We are delighted for you to use these resources, but ask that their source is appropriately referenced. Figures are provided as copyright-stamped pdfs, and Powerpoint presentations are provided as ‘view only’ files. Adobe Acrobat pdf files without copyright stamp, and the original Powerpoint files can be requested from us on our contact page.

Non-exclusive studies

BRI has an extensive portfolio of non-exclusive studies ranging from single wells to regional studies involving hundreds of wells and outcrops.

Other non-exclusive reports include multidisciplinary zonal schemes for the Arctic, the circum North Atlantic and the North Pacific-Bering Sea including Japan. These are integrated with the local and regional sequence and lithostratigraphy, plus climatic changes including bottom-water, sea-surface and air temperature.

Exclusive studies and training

BRI undertakes exclusive studies and training for clients. Examples include Ecopetrol, Petrojam and PDVSA, for whom we trained scientists and set up biostratigraphic laboratories in Colombia, Jamaica and Venezuela.

Where appropriate, we work with a highly selected network of Associates who provide complementary expertise on all microfossil groups, plus other geological disciplines including geochemistry, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and seismic interpretation.

Please contact us for details.

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